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Our Corporate packages and memberships can be customized to fit your company's size and needs.


We provide our massage and acupuncture services at our wellness center in Arlington, MA. Our yoga teachers can do small yoga, meditation and restorative self care classes on site as well as in our wellness center.


Email Kelly for more information: waterhousewellness@gmail.com

Corporate Gift Certificate Package

$2000 26 gift certificates
  • 60 minute therapeutic massage gift certificates
  • Customize the amount of gift certificates to fit your company, with a 28% discount after 25 gift certificates.
  • Add a chocolate truffle gift box to each gift certificate for $4 each.
  • Add a gift card for each gift certificate for $3 each.

Corporate Yoga Membership

$105 / hour
  • Our yoga instructors blend self care into your work environment.
  • We work on-site in your environment.
  • Choose from a relaxing yin & restorative class, a pick-me-up stretch and strength class or a combination.
  • Add 10 or more mats for your company for 20% off our store price from Manduka.
  • Add 10 or more yoga props and meditation cushions for your company for 20% from HalfMoon Yoga.
  • Receive 5% off our Corporate Gift Certificate package.

Corporate Massage Membership

Starting at $80 per person
  • Pay quarterly for massage or acupuncture membership for your company.
  • For companies with 10 employees or more. (A 10 person minimum per quarter.)
  • Each employee receives a 60 minute massage or acupuncture treatment monthly.
  • Members receive 5% off in our store and $10 off gift certificates.
  • Members have access to our exclusive quarterly bonuses like free orthopedic assessments & cupping treatments.
  • Receive 10% off our Corporate yoga program.
  • Receive 5% off our Bulk Gift Certificate purchase.

Here are a few reasons to support Water House Wellness:

No Uniform Policy

We love our therapist's style! Not having a uniform policy means everyone is free to express themselves.

Our therapists are not required to stay on site

We give our therapists schedule flexibility and a head's up if they are booked. Otherwise, no need to sit in the office!

This is a rare treat for a massage therapist.

Cold hard cash

Practitioners earn a wage that makes sense. In most cases double what is offered at a competitor.

As green as possible

We offer organic oils and lotions, BPA free containers and launder our sheets and towels in the most efficient way we can. We care about what touches our therapists skin all day long and the quality of the air they work in.


Our practitioners ability to communicate with you by text and email means that you get one on one attention.

It's unheard of for a practice to offer their therapists access to client information and communication. We trust them to keep your business in house, and to take care of you like family.

Recharge with Vacation

Therapists are offered paid time off, which is unheard of in our industry. We believe R&R is vital to self care. The ability to care for other people starts with your ability to care for yourself.

Taking breaks during shifts is also encouraged, and we work with our practitioners to go on retreats and take continuing education courses.

Our Philosophy

Water House Wellness stands out as an innovative and different kind of wellness center. Each practitioner develops their own style and practice within the support of our business.

We are massage therapist owned and run, located in Arlington center.

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Our Services

Massage therapy and acupuncture treatments by artisan therapists.

We offer gift certificates, packages and membership.

Why Work With Us

It's possible you can find a great treatment at a massage chain nearby. We don't doubt it.

Learn why WHW is different: Our practitioners are paid well and will have long careers because of the benefits of Fair Trade Massage, while working at a chain leads many therapists to burn-out and injury.

It's just not possible to make a living earning $14 an hour in a labor industry such as massage therapy. Our bodies can only do so much. We challenge you to support practitioners that are paid appropriately, like individual proprietors and small businesses such as WHW.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

WHW is located on Mass Ave between Whole Foods and the Town Hall in Arlington center. We are in a big blue building with a porch out front.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is free on street parking that is two hour as well as more parking behind the building that is marked for WHW only.

If you are having trouble finding parking, try Jason Street or Academy Street. There is plenty of on street parking in these residential areas about a block away.

Do you have deep tissue therapists?

Yes, we have a few therapists that offer deep tissue work.

Holly, Erika, Hannah & Kristin all do deep tissue work- and each one has a different technique.

Try our Four Pack for Fit to get a sense of each person's work if you are looking for a therapist. The Four Pack offers four massages for $75 each.

How do I book a same day appointment?

For same day appointments call 1.339.707.0476 or book online.

If you would like a couple's massage (two appointments at the same time) it's best to try to book in advance or have some flexibility.


"Water House Wellness has transformed me from someone who maybe gets a massage twice a year into someone who has made regular massage a committed part of their wellness plan. I have been getting deep tissue massage from Robbie for nearly a year now, and would highly recommend him to anyone. He is fundamentally talented at the art, but he also really goes above and beyond to bring the latest techniques to his practice. He genuinely cares about his clients, does research to best serve their individual needs, and follows up by email to see how you're doing afterward. It's a personal touch I've come to appreciate very much!"

-Monica on Yelp

"Water House Wellness is not another run of the mill massage place. They are trying something different, and succeeding in a major way. Everything about their practice is different from a mainstream chain- from their internal practices (compensating their therapists fairly and allowing them to make their own hours) to their external practices (flexible appointment times, customized massage and music). The atmosphere is very relaxed, and homey- and that's not just the physical space but the attitude of the therapists there as well. I recently re-discovered Water House after having not gone in about 4 years. Now, I don't want to go anywhere else! They are pricier than what I had been paying elsewhere, but there's no comparison. "
-Tricia on Yelp

Kristin Lash
Holly Schroeder
Heather Becton Hunt

"Very often, a change of self is needed more than a change of scene." --A.C. Benson

For orthopedic prices please contact us.

water house wellness 742 Massachusetts Ave Suite 3 Arlington MA 02476

For appointments call: 1.339.707.0476 or

Book online 48 Hour Cancellation Policy