Massage & acupuncture & gifts for your everyday, injury or spiritual needs. Good vibes only.


Our Industry

Massage therapists are use to working in dark rooms, without breaks, wearing boring black clothes.

We've given our therapists flexibility over breaks & vacation, a No Uniform policy and access to sunlight.

Read about Fair Trade Massage

Our Footprint

All of WHW's supplies & products are organic, green & locally sourced where possible.

Our stockist standards for retail are local, artisan, fairly sourced & sustainable.

Community Impact

We treat our staff and clients as we would want to be treated. We take care of each other.

Our monthly block party called Self Care Sunday hosts local wellness vendors. Besides hosting these vendors we support their business and offer a community.

Self Care Sunday

Six Treatment Series

60 minutes $565

75 minutes $680

90 minutes $760

120 minutes $920

Individual Treatments

45 minutes $90

60 minutes $105

75 minutes $120

90 minutes $140

120 minutes $180


45 minutes monthly $65

60 minutes monthly $89

75 minutes monthly $100

90 minutes monthly $115

2 month commitment. Cancel, share and skip flexibility.

Four Pack for Fit

60 minute 4Pack $300

75 minute 4Pack $360

90 minute 4Pack $420

Try four massage therapists over 4 months to find the right fit.

Kristin Lash
Eileen Melkonian
Holly Schroeder
Heather Becton Hunt

For orthopedic prices please contact us.

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