At water house wellness, we feel self care includes a holistic skincare regimen.

Our facials offer organic, clean ingredients combined with high quality massage weaved into the treatment to create a deluxe but necessary environment for skin health.

The gentle and supportive techniques to bring out your body's natural ability to glow and heal:


natural masques

ingredients that moisturize instead of strip the skin of oil

fragrance free, chemical free products


sound therapy



Massage Therapy



Six Treatment Series

60 minutes for $565

75 minutes for $680

90 minutes for $760

120 minutes for $920

Individual Treatments

45 minutes for $90

60 minutes for $105

75 minutes for $120

90 minutes for $140

120 minutes for $180


45 minutes monthly for $65

60 minutes monthly for $89

75 minutes monthly for $100

90 minutes monthly for $115

2 month commitment. Cancel, share and skip flexibility.

Four Pack for Fit

60 minute 4Pack for $340

75 minute 4Pack for $380

90 minute 4Pack for $440

Try four massage therapists over 4 months to find the right fit.

Many of our clients start with a Four Pack and try a variety of work from different therapists. Share the Four Pack with your roommate or your partner.

Move from the Four Pack to Membership. Receive 5% off retail always plus access to exclusive monthly promotions for member's only.

Take care of your body, connect with a therapist & know there is a community here for you.

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Your decisions change our community.

We believe that even small acts can change the world. That's why we've created an incredible work environment for our treatment providers with small amenities such as organic massage oil & windows.

Every day we support our staff so that they can take care of you. 

Kristin Lash
Holly Schroeder
Heather Becton Hunt

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