Robbie Zev

Robbie Zev, LMT

My massage style blends slow, methodical deep work with a calming, seamless flow so that the client can fully relax, while also getting the work they need. I believe that the more thorough I am with tight, painful areas, the more effective I can be in helping a client's body to heal in a powerful way. My lighter work is harmonious and peaceful and people sometimes fall asleep because they are so relaxed and comfortable.
My clients rock and each one is a new puzzle where I have to figure out how to give the best, most effective treatment I can, while ensuring a safe, comfortable space for them to finally have that "me" time that they deserve.

"I originally studied Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where I took classes on Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Yoga, etc., along with my Psychology classes. Learning the importance of taking care of my body and mind led me onto a wonderful path and I feel grateful for what I have studied.


Leaving Boulder, I moved to Thailand for a year and a half, where I taught English, Math, and Science to 5-9 year olds. It was a great experience to work with children and learn about another culture and allowed me the opportunity to travel through Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia as well.


Coming back to the States, I was focused on going into education, but always knew my gift was in health and healing, so after a few great years in education and working with children, I decided to follow my heart and enroll at The Massage School in Boston. 


I absolutely love what I do and do my best to help people alleviate their pain, whether it be a pulled muscle, a tight back from a stressful job, or anything else that may be coming up for someone. Every person is different, so paying attention to every specific session to come up with the best plan for action keeps it interesting and is always giving me the opportunity to learn more. 

Outside of Massage, you can usually find me hiking, roasting coffee, playing guitar, or cooking!"


"In life, there are no shortcuts to joy. Anything that is worth pursuing requires us to suffer just a little bit. -Chris Burkard

"Breathe properly. Stay curious. And eat your beets."
                  -Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume