Sandy Porcel, LMT

"I have been interested in the overlap and intersection of mental, physical and spiritual health and self care for a long time. In my time moving around the country and meeting many people, one of the consistent threads in the people I met were how many people live with, and grow accustomed to, chronic and acute pain issues and how little knowledge we are provided in how to treat ourselves safely and effectively.
I came into massage therapy after teaching small children and retail work with a desire to help people feel more at home in their bodies in nonjudgmental and accessible ways.
Working with children deepened my passion for working collaboratively -- massage is a similar exchange that synthesizes hearing a client's personal needs, understanding what the tissue is saying, and the work that I can provide .
Tuesday 8:30am-1pm
Thursday 4pm-9pm
Saturday 2pm-9pm
Delving into anatomy and bodywork has also given me the opportunity to pass on the knowledge I have gained to be able to assist people in their own struggles with pain management. It is not only important for me that everyone have access to effective bodywork, but also that I may pass on the information I had the pleasure and privilege to learn in order to better help others in their own journey."
In Sandy's spare time, she loves to enjoy the sunshine, research new haircuts, and experiment with new ingredients to make delicious foods to share with others.

Orthopedic Massage

Myofascial Release


Deep Tissue


"Breathe it all in. Love it all out"  Mary Oliver