Tamara Palaganas, LMT CHHC

"I use a combination of rhythms, pressures, and movements to encourage the mind to relax, connect to the breath and prepare the body for deeper work. My intention is to allow tense muscles to "melt" and release."


"I enjoy helping my clients let go of stress and tension that can leave them feeling drained, tired or in pain. I use the knowledge I have gained from more than 6 years  experience as Massage Therapist and wellness practitioner to create a safe, nonjudgemental environment and treatment that addresses their needs, as well as contributes to their long term wellness goals. Many of my clients, from seasoned athletes to those that are new to massage or sensitive to pressure have found my work beneficial and healing. I am honored to have the opportunity to be of service to my clients and be a part of their wellness journey, helping them manage the affects to stress and have a more relaxed experience of themselves.”- T.P.

"One of the greatest gifts you can give another human being who is going through adversity is hope."

- Shaka Senghor