Our annual Holiday Sale is November 21st- December 26th.

Gift Certificates are buy $500 get $100 free.

For information call: 1.339.707.0476

Our Annual Member Sale!!

20% OFF all retail and 10% OFF all gift certificates for Members

$100 Gift Certificate Bonus with $500 Gift Certificate purchase


The November & December Member perk is a complimentary Orthopedic Massage Assessment & mini treatment.


20% Off Retail for Members

Our Member Sale runs from November 21st through December 26th.

(Members always receive 5% Off retail and we give it a little boost annually. This is the same discount we give our staff during the holidays!)

If you are interested in being a Member.. even just for 2 billing cycles .. learn more here.


Read about Fair Trade Massage

Our Wellness Supply Choices

All of WHW's supplies & products are organic, green & locally sourced where possible.

We use these supplies at home ourselves & in treatments.

Check our our store.

Gift Certificates

Share preventative health & joy with your loved ones.

By supporting WHW you are making a sustainable choice that reduces waste & passes along love.

By giving a WHW gift certificate you are also giving your therapist the gift of helping them grow their practice through referrals. Thank you for your support.


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Do I have to be a Member to participate in the Member Holiday Sale?

Yes- you have to either be a current 4Pack holder or a Member at the time of the Member Holiday Sale to participate.

Folks who's memberships are cancelled or have ended will not automatically have the sale applied at checkout.

Good news is all you have to do is get your membership active and you'll be good to go.

What is the gift certificate sale?

The gift certificate sale is our annual promotion that runs from November 21st - December 26th.

Buy $500 worth of gift certificates to receive a $100 bonus gift certificate for yourself. You can purchase your gift certificates online or in our brick and mortar store at WHW.


Does the 20% Off apply to gift certificates?

The "20% Off" during the Member Sale does not apply to gift certificates but it does apply to all items in the store otherwise.

Gift certificates have their own sale which is 10% Off for members. (This is always the case) and during the Member Sale- a $100 bonus will be given with $500 worth of Gift Certificate sales.

Buy your gift certificates online!

The gift certificate sale is for all customers. You do not have to be a member to participate in the gift certificate sale.

My partner/ husband/ mom is a member. Does the sale apply to me?

The sale can certainly apply to you if your friend or family member shares their membership with you.

"Sharing" means that they add you to their membership and you share their  membership credits. In order to share- just give us a call and add someone's name to your membership. 1.339.707.0476


I'm buying my Gift Certificates online. When will I receive my $100 bonus gift certificate?

You will receive the $100 gift certificate bonus by email within 24 hours. If there is a rush please give us a call or email:



If you have any questions or there seems to be an issue, reach out. We are always happy to help.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept gift certificate returns.

For all items in the store, we will accept returns within 30 days unless worn or damaged with receipt or history on file of the purchase.

I'm not a member but I'm interested. What should I do?

If you want to try membership at WHW, this is honestly the best time to try it out.

Your membership can be put on hold or cancelled after 2 billing cycles so sign-up, try it out for 2 months and then reassess. Learn more about how membership works. 

While you are a member you will enjoy the Holiday Sale and your member treatments.

All massage therapy and acupuncture treatments are artisan and therapeutic.

For orthopedic prices please contact us.

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