Four Pack for Fit.

Our introductory massage deal. (Even if you're not new.)

Try four massage and acupuncture practitioners to find the perfect fit. 

Sign up for a sweet massage deal.

*please note that the 4Pack does not apply to Master therapists.


60 minute 4Pack

$380 $95 a month for 4 months or pay all at once.

75 minute 4Pack

$420 $105 a month for 4 months or pay all at once.

90 minute 4Pack

$480 $120 a month for 4 months or pay all at once.

Looking for affordable self care?

Here is an introductory massage deal that will give you bang for your buck.

We've got it.  

As you get work done send us feedback. We narrow in on the perfect massage therapist.

"A perfect tasting menu!  What a treat to get to sample a variety of styles and figure out which one(s) I really wanted more helpings of.  My package was an anniversary present from my sweetheart, the best ever!" - hs.


four pack for fit, try a new massage therapists

The Four Pack is Brave!

Each month, book with a new therapist to find the perfect practitioner for you, and only pay $95.00 each month for four months. *The 4Pack does not apply to Master Therapists.


You will be charged monthly for four months and your 4pack credits are good forever.*  You can use them over 4 months or at the rate that makes sense for you. When the four months are over, you will not be automatically charged for anything additional.


Finding a new massage therapist can be a lot of work, and we understand that it's a drag to think you might pay a lot of money for a massage and have it turn out that you just didn't jive with the person that worked on you.


The Four Pack is True.

Water House Wellness is all about the work we are doing and not about fluff.

When you try a new practitioner you are going to meet four different people with different styles, back grounds, approaches, ideologies and vision.

WHW doesn't have a choreographed routine once you get on the table, so every treatment is custom and tailored to your intake and your goals.

(We will definitely spend the whole hour on your back and neck if you ask us too.)


*Your credits will be honored as long as we are in business. The 4pack does not apply to Master Therapists


Kelly Fitzpatrick, Try a new Massage Therapist, Four Pack for Fit

"Progress is impossible without change. Those that cannot change their minds cannot change anything." George Bernard Shaw

Experience the Four Pack for Fit. 

Your first $95 charge is on your sign up date. After that, you will be charged on the 1st of the month for the three remaining treatments. 

If you would like to share your four pack, just let us know.The 4Pack does not apply to Master Therapists.

Holly Schroeder

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