What is Amma Therapy?

Amma, the oldest Chinese word used to describe massage, is a specialized form of bodywork that uses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


How does Amma Therapy relate to Acupuncture?

 Amma and Acupuncture both use the principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatment is focused on accessing and addressing imbalance in the body’s energetic system (Qi, pronounced chi). However Amma is a fully hands-on treatment and does not involve the use of needles.


What does Amma feel like?


What health concerns are appropriate for Amma Therapy?

Amma Therapy is a form of holistic care based in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It can be helpful in addressing a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions including body pain, headache, digestive disturbance, sinus issues, insomnia, and more. Amma is a great way to enhance wellness by addressing both existing imbalances and treating preventatively.

Amma Therapy is a great form of complementary care, but does not replace conventional medicine. Any new self care regimen should be approved by your physician.


What should I expect from an Amma Treatment?

Amma treatments are typically 60-90 minutes. The practitioner will do a verbal intake with the client at the beginning of each appointment, which will typically take longer the first appointment. Intakes help inform the practitioner on client goals and needs for treatment, collecting any relevant information.

The Amma Therapist makes assessments according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, structuring the treatment around each individual client’s needs.

The rest of the session involves a hands-on bodywork treatment from head to toe working along the meridians both front and back. Specific acupoints will be manipulated according to the client’s individual needs. Lifestyle, nutritional, and other recommendations may be made.


How is the technique used in Amma Therapy similar and different from Shiatsu?

 Both therapies that involve acupoint manipulation and work along the meridians.

The hand techniques used in Amma for bodywork and point manipulation are different than those of Shiatsu. Neither modality involves the use of massage oil. Amma technique is performed with the client on a bodywork table rather than on the floor, and is typically performed with clothes off and the client underneath a sheet/blanket (although it can be done with loose clothing on if preferred by the client).

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