Small acts of (Amma) kindness.

Amma is a form of bodywork rooted in Chinese Medicine. The treatment combines therapeutic pressure (can be quite deep or very light completely depending on the needs of each clients) with acupoint manipulation (this is hands-on; no needles involved). Like acupuncture, Amma is a form of holistic care that uses Chinese Medicine theory. It can be used to help address a wide range of conditions, as well as treating preventatively.

Depending on the wants and needs of the client, Cupping or Gua Sha may be an addition to Amma Therapy.

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Amma Therapy is like acupuncture without needles.

What does Amma feel like?

The Amma Therapy technique is similar to other styles of bodywork/massage in that it is a fully hands-on treatment. The hand techniques used in Amma Therapy involve a rhythmic, circular pressure applied with the thumbs, fingers, or hands. This rhythmic motion helps to move the body's Qi. The other main element of the Amma technique is acupoint stimulation. Amma Therapy uses the same theories and point system as acupuncture, but no needles are used. Instead of using needles the Amma Therapist will apply pressure to points with the fingers. Point stimulation also accesses and addresses the Qi of the body. The word Qi can be translated as "life-force", and has much clinical relevance in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In terms of TCM, Qi can be thought of as the driving force behind all function and physiological process.

Amma is performed without oil or lotion. The client is typically undressed and draped under a sheet and blanket as with other types of bodywork, but may also wear loose clothing if preferred since nothing is applied to the skin. The pressure used is typically moderately deep, but can range from extremely light to quite deep, depending on the wants and needs of the client. Amma Therapy traditionally involves a front and back, head to toe treatment. TCM is very holistic; the whole body is understood as working together as one unified whole.


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