Becky Klothen, LMT

If there were just a few words to describe Becky it would be passionate, advocate and energy.

Becky was trained in massage at the Muscular Therapy Institute (MTI) from 2005-2007.  MTI is considered one of the most prestigious schools for massage therapy in the country, having a 900 hour program that instructs in Ben Benjamin's Muscular Therapy Technique, Sports Massage with PNF stretching , Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and a sophisticated anatomy and physiology training. This training became the back drop for Becky's career in healing where she alternates between doing manual massage and seeking out roles in other fields where she can be an advocate, healer and proponent of medical cannabis to treat and support the body's own healing.

Becky's massage technique incorporates blending the relaxation of Swedish Massage with the specific work needed for sore spots and adhesions with cross fiber friction, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue work. In addition to these more mainstream modalities, Becky also uses aromatherapy, reiki and special oils that she formulates herself to support the relaxation response.

With a background in Public Health and a degree from Simmons College, Becky mindfully has done training as a Cannabis Professional with a certificate from The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis. We are excited to work with Becky to pave the way for her very niche and needed treatment using this oil. Water House Wellness sees Becky's holistic and integrative approach to treatment refreshing and needed. Water House is working with Becky to bring our clients her specially formulated medicated massage oil. Becky's vision is to bring her clients the most benefit possible from body work and has matched with our flexible and curious attitude to dive into a brave new world.

Becky is excited to join the Water House Wellness team and work with it’s members to increase their overall feelings of health and wellness. Becky likes to work out, go to the beach and laugh with her kids.

Sunday-  1pm-7pm
Monday-  8am-2pm
Tuesday- 10am-2pm
Wednesday- 9:30am-1:30pm
Thursday- 9:30am- 3pm

What to expect at your treatment:

Becky will be a passionate advocate for your self care and through listening to your individual therapeutic needs she will work with you to determine the areas of focus for each session. You will the most extroverted massage therapist is there to immediately join in on your journey to healing to be a compassionate guide. (There will be show and tell self care with tennis balls where needed!)

If you like to completely zone out and not talk to your therapist while getting some great deep tissue, Becky is the therapist for you.

Before climbing into the cocoon of the table, Becky will go over the options for supplementing your relaxation response through the use of Reiki, specific trigger point work and coming soon: Cannabis Massage Oil. (Once approved and cleared as legal etc!)

Becky's work with soothe and restore while also adding energy for the rest of your day.


"be the change you wish to see in the world"  ghandi