Use these ideas to introduce calm when you are feeling overwhelmed.


Hungry or Thirsty?

Ask yourself if you are hungry or thirsty.

Try drinking some water and putting bottles of water by the bed, by the couch and the kitchen counter.

Here are some examples of small snacks to have in the house. Having ready-to-go snacks helps so that you don't have to think about or use a lot of energy to prepare food.

  1. nuts and granola or meal bars
  2. crackers and cheese
  3. hard boiled eggs
  4. containers of soup

Become aware of your surroundings

Look around at your surroundings and name things out loud or to yourself.

Example: "blue wall, breathing cat, soft light, puffy blanket"

Becoming aware of your environment helps to bring your mind into the present and orient yourself in your space.

Breathing Exercises

Identify pressure points for calm

Basics are covered, adding skills


Singing Mantras

Listen to Danielle Walch sing Gobinday Mukhanday

There is a free download to this song on her instagram.


Say out loud the feeling you are feeling.

Take a shower.

Run your hands under water.

Throw things away that have expired in the fridge.

Go for a walk

Repeat a Mantra

Try a guided meditation

Visualize yourself calm.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Taking it up a notch: Level Up Self Care

Read a prayer to yourself

Writing Prompts


Write a Letter


Take a yin yoga class.

Go grocery shopping and buy what you want.

Add an essential oil to your wrists or use in a diffuser.

Get a massage.



Touch your centering object.

When you’re overwhelmed, so much of your energy is being spent on ruminating through confusion.

When you have energy, find a “centering object” such as a stone, a mala necklace, a photo or a scarf.

Tell yourself that you’re going to touch this object when you’re experiencing overwhelming feelings.

When touching your object, breathe in. You are OK. Breathe out, you are free.

Experience how the object feels and focus on all it's qualities.