Christina Bradshaw, LMT

Christina has been practicing as a LMT for nearly 10 years. Her love for the arts began after a group guided meditation to heal the earth from the catastrophic effects of the Japan tsunami in 2010.

While attending the Salter School she was trained in Swedish massage, Aroma Therapy, Neuromuscular Facilitation,  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage and Injury massage. 

During her pursuit for continued education Christina has also been certified in a myriad of techniques including, Myofascial Release(MFR), Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Reiki and Pre/Post natal massage.

She is currently training to become a Massage Doula and is trained as a Spinning Babies aware practitioner.

Her approach to healing is a holistic one that merges the philosophies of the East and West. She looks at the Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole in order to address the root cause of discomfort instead of focusing on only treating symptoms.

With her knowledge of the chakra system, psychology of the body, and extensive research into mindfulness and universal vibration; Christina will customize a massage that is based on your needs.

Book with Christina online Monday- 3:30pm- 9:30pm Thursday 2:30pm -8pm Friday- 9:30am- 3:30pm

What To Expect:

Your session will start with a brief discussion about your health, stress and problem areas.

Based on the information from your intake, Christina will  devise  a massage plan for your session that will best suit your specific needs. Her client centric approach to massage is a perfect compliment to her strong but gentle hands.

New Developments:

Christina is currently working with a local Doula toward creating a non-profit organization that is specifically geared toward the prenatal community. The organization will provide free workshops to families who are preparing to get pregnant, people who are pregnant and people who have recently had a baby.       

These workshops consist of mini prenatal massage sessions or tutorials. A guided meditation geared toward labor and delivery created specifically by a Doula to help the flow of hormones move from chakra to chakra and a mini prenatal Pilates and/or prenatal yoga session. We will also provide access to information on ChildBirth Education , feeding, professional services, and samples of baby and parent products from many sponsors.

Christina is skilled in treating
symptoms that arise from:

-Plantar Fasciitis
-Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
-Frozen shoulder
-Chronic headaches/Migraines
-Emotional imbalances

Christina's Favorite quote is "Smile, It's more Fun". and she can be be seen doing so, often!