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Cory Lucia, LMT

Cory graduated from massage school in 2014 from Lincoln Technical Institute and since then has been combining his healing philosophies of martial arts, yoga and meditation with his love of the healing art of massage therapy.

As a long time student of martial arts, Cory has come to self care through actively working and healing his own body and with meditation.

A regular mantra is “I am breathing, I know that I am breathing” which is reminiscent of lessons with Thich Nhat Hanh.

Cory also cares deeply about his therapeutic relationships, bringing an open heart and a held open space where people feel comfortable letting go of all their worries, even if it’s just for an hour session.

"Healing is so important to me because the world needs healing. We’re meant to heal each other but we still fight. I don’t feel complete when I’m not making someone else smile. Massage is my meditation, I get lost in it. It is my art and there’s no limit to this massage world. Everyone has a different body and everyone deserves to be treated like so. No massage is generic and everyone gets their massage catered to their specific needs."


Sunday- 8am - 4pm
Thursday- 8am - 4pm
Saturday- 3:45pm - 9pm

A note about Fair Trade Massage and Membership:

"Members are important to me for a number of reasons. For one, the more time I have with a client, the more I get to know them and their body.

The more I know someone the better massage I can give.

Everyone has aches & pains, poor posture, tension in their muscles or even on their mind.

All that tension wasn’t put there in a day, and I can’t relieve all that tension in one hour. But I can definitely help.

The membership is great for the client because it encourages a routine around self care. The more often you receive massage, the better you feel and the faster you heal. "

Scalp Massage
Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release
Dry work over clothing
Applying sports tape
Teaching the foam roller
Teaching tennis ball trigger point self care
Teaching restorative yoga poses

"We were all meant to heal each other and ourselves. Some of the oldest ways to heal ourselves and each other are through yoga and massage. Our body’s are designed for it." - Cory