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WHW is not the only Massage Therapy business in the industry with great standards. If your business creates a work environment that promotes the personal health and financial wellness of your practitioners connect with us to join the movement.

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Each level of membership with Fair Trade Massage includes a promotional and business packet to get your business started. 

"My idea of a perfect world really can't be designed by one person or even by a million experts. It's going to be 7 billion pairs of hands, each following their own passions." --Jay Silver


What is Fair Trade Massage Therapy?

That's a great question! A question WHW strives to inform by changing the way we do business. WHW introduced Fair Trade Massage and trademarked the term in the spring of 2015, and we are consistently making changes and networking to impact the industry.

It is not just WHW's role to impact the massage industry with healthy change. 

We hope that you will join us as practitioner, business and consumer in talking about this.



WHW Offers:

Access to Sunlight, flexible breaks and "no questions asked" time off. 

The ability to wear what you want and listen to what you want, even if that means silence. 

Access to great hourly earnings! One of the best in the Industry. 

 The ability to understand the split between practitioner earnings, overhead and other costs.

Access to retention rate bonuses, and increased earnings as the practitioner drives thier own sustainability. 

Access to operating profit with a management role.

The freedom to not sit in an office when no client is scheduled.

The ability to communicate with clientelle by phone, text or email.

Flexible, practitioner driven mentorship

Limited exposure to safe- as- possible cleaning products,

Access to organic oils and gels and an artificial fragrance free environment.


"It is not enough to be compassionate. We must act."

Dalai Lama , The 14th


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