How did we choose our skincare line?

Osea Skincare

I am almost a forty year old woman and I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life with my skincare and ... many other things! When adding the skincare program to Water House Wellness and choosing a back bar line for our facials I had a few thoughts in mind:

I felt it was important to choose a product line that could support people across the health and wellness spectrum. It had to help clean up the mess that someone might have going on in their health or support a clean lifestyle. It also had to have ingredients that would not only help nourish skin immediately, but also would be safe to use long term.

For me, there had been a toxic relationship in my life that completely stressed my adrenal and immune system plus I was in a car accident that left me concussed and starting over with my fitness at age 33. To add to this-  I had an appendectomy in 2018 and later learned that your appendix is apparently an immune system organ.


Even though I eat clean and don't drink or smoke there is a build up of stress that results in inflammation in my skin, that I'm slowly working to release with mindfulness & meditation, intense exercise, yoga, sound healing, novelty (learning new things) and yes- skincare.

When I think about Angela, our director, I am struck by the strength of her immune system. She is a trained herbalist and has hardly ever had antibiotics in her body.

I learned this about Angela when a few of us went to Sedona for a yoga retreat and I accidentally poisoned her by leaving dish soap in a probiotics container by the sink. Angela drank it and .. the rest of the night, four of us stayed up sharing stories about different toxins and our immune systems while Angela was sick and we supported her outside the bathroom door.

Hearing the range of experience in just our small group’s exposure to antibiotics and chemicals solidified an understanding that some of us may need a much gentler approach. I wanted to make sure that as a business owner that our treatments support a range skin types.


Jovana was one of the first staff members to experience a facial in the space and I watched as the massage portion soothed her. About four of us stood around in deep discussion, crafting the pieces of the facial that include palo santo, resonating sound,  rose quartz and lavender essential oil.

We lit the palo santo and choreographed how we would sweep it over people and leave it to burn itself out. We felt the singing bowl resonate over our bodies, quieting our minds and grounding us into the space. Our community effort to design something beautiful truly came together.

While watching the steps, I thought; "There is no need to “over medicate”.

I can only speak for myself, and I think as a woman, I’ve been trained to hide imperfections that make me naturally beautiful and some that I might cringe at, like bigger pores. I’m definitely guilty of trying to pick at my skin and put together a harsh routine at home like astringent, chemical, wash wash, pick. You know ?

But since receiving monthly OSEA facials to research the line, my skin has felt cleaner and looked brighter, without the chemicals. So, there is less to do. Just like when you adjust a diet or get more sleep, all of the sudden, you recognize that you were compensating for stress by repeatedly sticking your head in the fridge or shopping for the perfect pair of red sneakers online.


Hydrating the skin after cleaning it, really does reduce the appearance of lines and pores. And if you want to have your lines "pop" you can just spend some time in our lobby laughing your butt off with some of our staff. <3

What we've put together is a program with great staff where you don’t have to feel shame. We welcome your questions and confessions. Your aesthetician will say “Great, let’s work together to get your skin on track.”


The OSEA product line started as an essential oils line designed as an approach to alternative health made by a woman in California. When I read about her process I connected with this female business owner that started with the basics and learned how to do everything herself.

That’s been my life- there have been a lot of people come along and say - you can’t do this- you can’t do SEO, you can’t travel and still run a business, you have to hire an accountant or it won’t work. Well- I have a great company and great people- and guess what? I can do all those things and I can be vulnerable and open and it works for me. I’ve been successful.

This is what works for Water House- honesty and honest people that put their rawness in their day to day.. We are humans first, and that’s how I chose this skincare line- for my humans.


The decision behind OSEA is partly personal. I’ve chosen to only add things to my skin and into my digestive system (also skin) that are going to truly help me thrive and I want this for my team, too.

I imagined what was truly needed here. Something we were going to use each day. 

It’s going to be on people’s hands all day. It’s going to be in the air. I want what we are putting in our environment to feed us. If I knew I would be breathing this stuff in all day I would want it to help me thrive. I think based on what is in OSEA products, it really could do that.

I’m thinking about the 20, 30, 60 something year old practitioners that will work with this product line and age with it. I have a responsibility to choose something that they could practically eat and I really feel like I did that with OSEA.


Our staff are going to trade for facials and they are going to use these products because they are available. There are great people here and they deeply deserve something really good to work with.

Ultimately, we provide for people a little water house cocoon. If you are ready to dive in, we have some great tools.


Favorite Osea Product

Vagus Nerve Oil.

The Vagus Nerve supports function to your heart and digestive system and can be the culprit for feeling off balance.

Yin is one way to calm your vagus nerve along with humming and other vibration like singing. (I'm all about my "car kirtan" which is my version of car karaoke.. with Sanskrit music. Video coming soon.)

I've added this oil to my daily hydration routine by massaging it into my neck and shoulders after a brisk dry brushing.

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