July 18th 2022- We've got a lot shakin. 

Some quick notes for those of you running off to the beach or the mountains!

  • We've hired a great Doctor of Acupuncture​ Nicole Kropp, Lic Acu that specializes in orthopedic style acupuncture- think dry needling for those trigger points. She specifically is all about the athletes driven towards that next goal, be it keeping in shape or hitting a finish line.  🎯

What is Dry Needling?

Typically we have heard the term "Dry Needling" because Physical Therapists have starting inserting acupuncture needles in adhesions in the tissue- which we commonly refer to as knots. Dry needling is originally acupuncture and we're not so sure about the term- and prefer to call it Trigger Point Acupuncture.

Sometimes these areas can be muscle tissue and sometimes there are myofascial adhesions which are the layers of connective tissue that hold you together. A bunch of needles are inserted right where you are feeling tension with the hope that the pain will diminish and dissipate with such specific manipulation. 

There are a few theories behind why this works. If you have ever been in a deep tissue massage and hoped your massage therapist would take a kitchen tool to mash your sore spots, you can imagine why the dry needling seems like an obvious approach. 

Trigger points (or knots) are thought to occur due to are thought to occur in response to "unaccustomed eccentric or concentric loading" or basically adding tension to your body that is unnatural- sitting or standing or moving in a way that isn't as graceful as we would like- sustain these movements and postures and you create what physical therapists call "repetitive low load stress." Ongoing stress on the body causes changes in posture, fatigue from trying to maintain your posture and general discomfort from not having the right mechanics to move well. 

Trigger point needling will be one more tool in your self care tool box- come in and see how you respond to direct trigger point needling stimulation during training or during a rest day.

If you are feeling creative, combine dry needling with other strategies for changing your posture- slow stretching or yoga postures & myofascial release massage therapy. 


  • We have a new Infrared Sauna that can be booked alone or as part of a package or as an add-on. 🎈

Deliberate heat exposure caught the owner, Kelly's attention when she listened to an episode of the Huberman Lab podcast and began experimenting with how sauna effected her glucose levels while using a continuous glucose monitor or CGM.. and braving adding it to her wellness routine in the Austin 104* weather. 

The short term benefits of better sleep through a decrease in body temperature are enough to try the sauna at night. If you are having trouble sleeping, there is good research that going from a warm temperature to a cold temperature can help you sleep. Ideally, your bedroom is below 68 degrees and your body being warm getting in that cool bed will help your body's natural tendency to shed heat while you are sleeping.

The other sauna benefits are numerous: an increase in metabolic rate and increased insulin sensitivity, infrared red therapy promotes detoxification and shows a decrease in LDL cholesterol and decreases inflammation and oxidative stress. 

This sauna company has compiled a wild list of all the scientific studies done on sauna use. We thought about linking each one.. but will leave you to do the clicking. 

One of the coolest ones is the increased secretions of toxins with sauna use, including mercury as well as a Canadian study that showed that people could reduce blood pressure and lose weight using a sauna.

  • One of our new Master Therapist's suggested we add the Theragun as a tool to get in deeper... and it's on the menu starting this next week. 💪

Book this treatment as a Massage with Theragun or if you are a member, add the theragun to your appointment for a $12.50 upgrade.

Theraguns have been used in the physical therapy and chiropractic world for years and it turns out that most of our massage therapists .. secretly have one at home. Crazy right? We got one. While we totally agree that massage therapy will never be divorced from human touch, sometimes a tool can help us out. Adding guasha, cupping and tape has been the norm for a while, so why not a Theragun?

A Theragun adds quiet percussive therapy that a therapist could apply with their hands- although not as consistently or as deep or as sustained as this percussion device. Do I wish they skipped the word "gun"? Yes, yes I do... anyway-  It is a handheld device that the therapist can use through the sheet or directly on muscle tissue. This is not "gentle" massage, definitely for those of us that want something a little more specific and aggressive in terms of muscle recovery.

There are not that many scientific studies done on percussive massage tools, although I did find one that shows that adding a 5 minute percussive massage to the calves increased the flexibility (in Dorsiflexion Range of Motion) following the percussive treatment vs. the control treatment which was sitting for 5 minutes.

  • Due to popular demand, we are adding a Sound Bath Sunday afternoons weekly starting August 7th with a new meditation teacher.  Sound Baths will be Sunday afternoons & Wednesday evenings 🌊 🌊 🌊 


  • Hydradermabrasion Facials have been added to our Skin Care menu! 


Hydradermabrasion is a dermatological treatment where your skin is infused with hydrating serums while the top layer of sun damaged skin is sloughed off, revealing the layer of new and plump skin that can absorb all the nutrients the serums have to offer. There is a typical a peel included which with chemically remove dead skin cells revealing the skin underneath.

The process reverses sun damage and restores cellular integrity of the skin while boosting collagen fibers and your bodies own enzymes.

In order to exfoliate the skin and infuse with serums, we use hydradermabrasion equipment which pulls impurities and dead cells off your face gently while resurfacing. Finish with a cooling treatment with an "ice hammer" that rolls over your face and cool oxygenated air which is said to help the skin look bright and plump.


The Hydradermabrasion machine is said to improve overall skin tone, texture and appearance through increased elastic dermal tissue, increased collagen production and cell density which led to a decrease in the appearance of fine lines, pore size, and hyperpigmentation on the skin.

See brighter more plump skin in one treatment.


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