Hi valued member 🎉
We are updating our member terms! Please familiarize yourself with these terms.
Please let us know if there is anything we can clarify. ✌❤🙌
As always, I super appreciate you and your loyalty to water house and your therapist. We wouldn't be here without you.
Changes have been highlighted in pink.
Member terms & agreement 
1. Memberships do not have roll-over credits. **** changed April 2019.
Very plainly, the credits do not rollover to the next month. If you would like to skip a month ahead of time please let us know before the member charge. You are also welcome to share your credits with friends and family. `
We need some help with this one from our clients. If you're having some scheduling concerns- no judgement, let's get you set up with a series instead! The series credits last forever. 
Please see the note below about 4Pack credits. 
THIS WAS UPDATED IN APRIL 2019. All membership credits began to roll-over in April 2019 and any credits unused on your account have been rolling over since that date.
2. Memberships are charged on an ongoing basis. They will run monthly until you cancel your membership with an email. 
Your membership and all memberships are ongoing. That means you will be charged every month until you cancel. Your membership can be adjusted, cancelled after 2 billing cycles per change to your membership, skipped with a simple email to our lovely front desk: waterhousewellnessfrontdesk@gmail.com. They are awaiting your high fives and words of wisdom. 
3. Monthly Payment 
Please note that when signing up for membership you are agreeing to pay a monthly charge that is the cost of your treatment(s) for that month on a monthly basis. If you are a Gold member, you pre-pay for two membership treatments a month. Memberships are run on the 1st of the month where possible. If your first month started on a day other than the first, please expect that we will adjust your payment to run on the 1st of the month.
Please note, this is the same policy and we have changed some words to clarify.
4. Refunds
The membership drafts automatically each month until you cancel your membership. There are no refunds on membership funds that have been drafted. 
5. Membership Cancellations 
You may cancel your membership anytime after two payment cycles, with 72 hour notification before the next billing cycle. There are no refunds on membership funds that have been drafted. 
This regularly gets confused that your membership is cancelled for you, when it does not. This is a clarification because there has been some confusion that this phrasing meant the membership cancelled automatically. You must cancel your membership with an email in order for us to process the change. This is because we have so many members and a large staff communicating with you. it is truly impossible to keep track unless we can see what people would like in writing.
6. Appointment Cancellations 
Please note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy and we confirm your appointment by the email you have supplied. If you do not receive an email, please call us. Your appointment is your responsibility and will be held to the 48 hour cancellation policy in any event other than unsafe inclement weather during the travel time to the appointment.
We regularly have conflicts with our cancellation policy and feel it's important to mention it. In any relationship, one side can set a boundary of what they need and it isn't about what's fair or correct- it's about the agreed relationship. By being a member and receiving treatment at water house, you agree to respect this boundary that we have set that we feel embodies Fair Trade Massage.
We suggest one way to address concerns is to have a friend on speed dial that would love to take your massage appointment in the event that you will miss it. 
We truly appreciate this your enthusiastic help here. 
One way you can help is if you are cancelling with short notice- please offer to pay the cancellation fee right away. It really makes a huge difference to our desk staff who are anxious to make you happy and to your caregiver's finances.
7. Upgrading Membership 
In the event that you would like to upgrade your membership temporarily, you may upgrade for two payment cycles or more and then downgrade to your original membership. 
8. Downgrading & Cancelling Membership 
The two payment cycle rule applies each time you make a change to your account, unless you are trying to upgrade your account. 
This means that when you have made a change such as what kind of membership you have and skipping a month you are now committed to 2 more months of membership.
9. Membership Value 
While our memberships are invaluable 😉 they cannot be combined with other discount offers from WHW. This includes gift certificate deals and promotions. 
10. Freezing Membership
You may pause up to three months a year of your membership with proper notice to waterhousewellnessfrontdesk@gmail.com three days before the 1st of the month.
12. 4Packs are series credits with membership perks
Committing to the 4pack is committing to a 4 month series. 
4packs may be charged monthly for 4months instead of all at once. 4packs receive member benefits and like all series, the credits do not expire. You may try more than one 4pack if you are able to try 4 new practitioners for the additional 4pack purchase. In order for a 4pack discount to be applied, you must work with 2 or more practitioners for your first 4pack series and 4 new practitioners for your second 4pack. 
Thanks for reading and being on board. The memberships drive water house and you are important to this process. Thank you for being here with us.
Kelly &  everyone at water house wellness