Nicole Kropp, Lic. Acupuncture

Nicole’s journey with medicine started during her undergraduate studies at Stony Brook University where she focused on environmental science and biology, sparking her passion for wellness and the mechanisms supporting health. After graduating in 2012 with honors she pursued yoga teacher training, obtaining a 500 hour advanced certification as a yoga instructor. Through this teaching experience she became increasingly aware of and interested in treating pain and misalignment, a common concern of many of her yoga students. Feeling compelled to advance her knowledge of musculo-skeletal imbalances and overall health, she enrolled at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in 2017, a master’s degree program giving her a deeper skill set in treating patients. Taking a special interest in Acupuncture Physical Medicine, a trigger point based acupuncture system, she found the means to give patients substantial relief from a multitude of conditions. She brought these skills into a community acupuncture setting on New York’s lower east side upon completion of her Masters degree, and while there completed her doctoral degree in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. With her persistent desire to learn, and the unique ability to connect with and engage students, she also took on the position of teaching assistant for Orthopedic Disorders, passing on her breadth of knowledge at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. 



Wednesday 11am- 7pm
Friday- 11am- 8pm
Saturday- 3pm-9pm

Nicole specializes in muscular dysfunction and pain management, and is also passionate about skin health and acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. She feels that the skin is a window into the overall health of the body, and sees acupuncture and a unique bridge between the internal and external body.

When not practicing acupuncture, Nicole can most likely be found somewhere outside with her husband and chihuahua, enjoying the great outdoors.


What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is using acupuncture needles directly on trigger points in effort to reduce pain. 

During this therapy, the acupuncturist uses palpation to find sore spots in the muscles that you report are causing you concern and surrounding tissues that may be contributing to the pain. Needles are inserted directly into sore trigger points in the muscles and sometimes manipulated by the therapist while inserted.

The mechanical stimulation may cause an analgesic effect and it also may help your body to release endorphins which jump start a natural healing process. 

According to, the mechanical stimulation causes collagen fibers to polarize which may trigger tissue remodeling- aka- you are feeling better because there is change in the muscle. 

surgery recovery

nerve pain

Improved Immune System and Reduced Sick Days

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anxiety and depression




relaxation for stress

scar treatment

gastrointestinal distress

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