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Massage therapists typically work in dark rooms, without breaks, wearing boring black clothes.

They also have a ceiling if they choose to work for a big chain employer. At Water House Wellness, we've given our therapists more room to grow. We offer them management, teaching and coaching positions as well as make sure we are always aware of their physical limitations while planning for supporting them far into the future.

Our Master Therapist

Massage therapists include:





Individual Treatments & Membership with Master Therapists

60 minutes for $120

75 minutes for $140

90 minutes for $160


Master Level Memberships

60 minute members

1 treatment a month: $99

2 treatments a month: $200


75 minute members

1 treatment a month: $110

2 treatments a month: $220


90 minute members

1 treatment a month: $125

2 treatments a month: $250


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Massage therapists have invested time and resources into continuing education like nobody's business.

Our master therapists have trained in some or all of the following:


Orthopedic Massage

Personal Training & Power lifting coaching

Hospice Massage

Oncology Massage

Facial Rejuvenation and Cupping

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage


Abdominal Massage

Thai Massage

Shakuju non-insertive acupuncture

Master Therapists

Frequently Asked Questions

For those whom are interested in seeing a master therapist or your current therapist is transitioning to Master Therapist level.

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