Start by getting comfortable. Either sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting comfortably in your lap or sitting on the floor in a comfortable position with your hands resting in your lap.

You can also do this meditation while lying down.
Close your eyes and take a slow, deep cleansing breath in and then out.
Focus on your breath. Feel the rise and fall of your chest as you breath normally. The breath is what brings us back to the present moment. It is perfectly normal and common for your thoughts to wander during meditation. Notice your thoughts. watch them come and go, then return your attention to your breath and the present moment
Take a deep breath in, this time picture a glowing, white, healing light enter your body through your breath. Breath that light all the way down to to the base of your spine. As you breath out, picture that light spreading throughout your body. With each breath in you are filled more and more with light. With each exhale the light grows, filling you within and permeating throughout the entire room. Filling the entire building.Spreading through the town, outward through the sky .and all of earth  Out of our atmosphere. Through our solar system, our galaxy, The Whole universe.
If there is any place that you need healed, emotionally or physically, or a place in the universe that needs healing, breath this healing light there now. Visualize what that healing would look like to you.Envision this place completely healed in your minds eye. Take 5 to 10 slow, deep breaths.
Now, imagine, your heading back down to earth. One with this radiant white light you head back to our solar system, back to earth, back through our atmosphere, through the sky, to your country, your state, your town, the building.
Returning back to your breath and your body, breath in, and out as you normally would. Realize that you are part of the universe and the universe is part of you. We are all one.
Take another slow deep breath.
When you are ready, start to become aware of your surroundings. How does the floor feel beneath your feet? Where is your tongue resting in your mouth?What can you smell? What can you hear?
Open your eyes.
Take one final deep breath in.
*Namaste: I recognize the place in you that is the same in me.

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