The OSEA, the product line we use for our facials uses many amazing non-toxic and vegan ingredients like Seaweed.


dry skin & harsh weather exposure

Try the Glow.


oily/acne prone

Try the Sea Solution.


sensitive skin

Try the Empath.

Express Skin Care

Mini Express - 20 minutes for $45

Express Sea Facial - 30 minutes for $80

The Ranger  - 45 minutes for $100

Our product line, OSEA, is a brand that is suitable for all skin types,

and has many substitutes if certain products or too strong if you are more on the dry or sensitive side.

Skin Care Individual Treatments

traditional skincare. choose from our range of treatments:

60 minute facials

Custom Facial for $120 (member price $110)
Sea Solution for $130 (member price $120)

75 minute facials

The Glow for $135 (member price $125)
The Smolder & Shine for $135 (member price $125)

90 minute facial

The Empath for $160 (member price $150)

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However, we do have various facials that are suitable for each specific skin type:

If you are more on the oily/acne prone side of the skin range, the Sea Solution is a perfect facial to treat your skin issues. Along with extractions, this facial uses the OSEA Black Algae mask as an exfoliator, which is rich with pumpkin and pineapple enzymes, as well fig, which is a natural source of malic acid. While we massage in this exfoliator, we will have a relaxing and detoxifying steam hitting your face to help open pores and promote better product penetration.  A red algae mask is used to treat acne and remove any excess oils. Of course, this facial is still super relaxing, and includes massages treatments on the face, hands, arms, and décolleté. We use various serums throughout the facial that treat breakouts, and finish with a detoxifying serum and our Blemish Balm.

The Glow is a great facial if you are dry, or just suffering from this cold, winter weather.

After cleansing, a gentle vitamin c probiotic polish is used to exfoliate under steam, which is followed by light extractions, and a long, soothing hydrophilic massage with the OSEA Hyaluronic Acid Serum as well as our Undaria algae oil.

A white algae finishing mask is applied to help brighten and restore moisture onto the skin, which is topped with a Gigartina algae infused sheet mask for extra hydration. A hand treatment is also performed during the facial as well, which includes the white algae mask as well as a soothing hot towel for removal. It is followed by a hand and arm massage. We close the facial with a moisturizing mix of serums and creams.

Body Treatments & Wraps

Back Facial  - 75 minutes for $135

Mini Back Facial  - 30 minutes for $80

The Empath is a great facial if you are more on the sensitive side (or if you have an iodine or shellfish allergy). After a gentle, yet deep cleanse, we use our gentle vitamin c probiotic polish to exfoliate under steam, which is followed by a long, relaxing face massage.

We make a custom mask depending on the client’s needs, but is primarily a base of kaolin clay, honey, and aloe to soothe. Chamomile eye pads are placed on the eyes at various points throughout the treatment for a anti-puffing eye treatment. This 90 minute facial also includes hot stone massage for the hands and feet, as well as a massage for the arms, décolleté, and vagus nerve for ultimate relaxation.

The Smolder and Shine is a great facial for overall brightening, and is perfect to receive before a big event because there is no extraction—you will be left with dewy and radiant skin. After cleansing, light exfoliation is performed while the steam helps remove toxins from your skin.

A soothing facial massage is performed and is finished with our brightening white algae mask mixed with our Sea Oxygen Base for extra brightening. While the mask is drying, there is a hand and arm massage with the OSEA Malibu Lavender Hand Cream.

You can also book a custom facial if you are not sure what skin type you are!

We open all of our facials with a palo santo smudge and singing bowl to being the relaxation experience. We close every facial with a rose quartz placed on the solar plexus for grounding, while rose water is misted into the air. A lavender scalp massage is performed to close the facial.

If you are looking for a quick treatment, or wanting an add on to your massage, we have two shorter facials. Our mini express is a good “intro” to the facials we do at Water House. This twenty minute minute services includes a cleanse, exfoliation, massage, and mask. While the mask is drying, we perform a lavender scalp massage. We remove the mask with a hot towel and finish with a hydrating serum. Our express facial is thirty minutes, and is similar to our express, however it includes a longer massage and as well as steam during exfoliation.

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