Yashnika Leveille LMT

Yashnika has always been passionate about natural ways of healing the body. Her interests stem from her own journey of healthy living and finding new ways to improve her health along with her family's. Having always been an active person especially in her childhood, Yashnika decided to receive her Bachelor degree in Exercise Science. As her views evolved, so did the way she wanted to help others heal. With that, she became certified as a Reiki Master and continued her education in Massage Therapy. Yashnika is also a trained Doula! 
Yashnika is one of Water House's ongoing visiting artists. Stay tuned for the next time she is on the schedule by asking our front desk to be on her waitlist. 

Sunday- 11am -4pm
Monday- 2pm- 8:30pm
Wednesday- 3:30pm- 9pm

Yashnika’s work is detail-oriented and smooth. With a combination of long, flowing strokes and deep focus work based on a strong foundation of anatomical knowledge she is able to gently coax out tough knots and sore spots quickly and easily. Her work is both relaxing well-paced so that although it is gentle enough to unwind and ease into, there is a significant amount of muscular work that is able to get done. I would highly recommend her style to almost anyone but especially those seeking relief from injuries.

Yashnika specializes in Reiki, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point and Prenatal massage with more specialties to come! Her mind is always active so on her days off she enjoys reading & studying astrology, spending time in nature, meditation and being physically active.

Yashnika is excited to help clients work through any energetic or emotional blockages that may have aided in the cause of tension.

Deep Tissue



Trigger Point Work

Prenatal Massage


"Breathe it all in. Love it all out"  Mary Oliver