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Six Treatment Series for Massage & Acupuncture

60 minutes $565

75 minutes $680

90 minutes $760

120 minutes $920

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Membership for Massage

45 minutes monthly $65

60 minutes monthly $89

75 minutes monthly $100

90 minutes monthly $115

2 month commitment. Cancel, share and skip flexibility.


Individual Treatments for Massage

45 minutes $90

60 minutes $105

75 minutes $120

90 minutes $140

120 minutes $180

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Four Pack for Fit for Massage & Acupuncture

60 minute 4Pack $340

75 minute 4Pack $380

90 minute 4Pack $440

Try four massage therapists over 4 months to find the right fit.

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Master Level Memberships Massage & Acupuncure

45 minutes monthly $89

60 minutes monthly $99

75 minutes monthly $110

90 minutes monthly $125


Individual Master Level Treatments

45 minutes $100

60 minutes $120

75 minutes $140

90 minutes $160

Information about Master Therapists & Master Memberships

Support Fair Trade Massage as a  Water House Wellness member to receive a discount on massage every month. 

Membership is not required to receive work at Water House Wellness- it's our loyalty program. There is no sign up fee.

Support Fair Trade Massage as a member to receive a discount on massage every month. A loyalty program with no sign-up fees.

Massage therapists typically work in dark rooms, without breaks, wearing boring black clothes.

At Water House Wellness, we've given our therapists flexibility over breaks & vacation, a No Uniform policy and access to sunlight.

All of WHW's supplies & products are organic, green & locally sourced where possible.


Our store has Gift Certificates & gift boxes designed for your loved one.

Our stocking standards for retail are mindful, local, artisan, fairly sourced & sustainable.

We carry CBD, candles, Love Is bracelets, books on meditation, neurology and wellness, energy bars, Poppi and Olipop sodas, cold brew coffee, Source water, No. 6 Depot Coffee, Pendleton Blankets, Moonstruck Chocolate, Seattle Chocolate, Camp Craft Cocktails, One Log Fire and handmade items that we make in house with organic resources such as bath salts, arnica balm and rose water spritz.

It takes more than firm pressure to create tissue change during a massage treatment. The real change takes place when your body's fight or flight system takes a backseat.

The body has two modes of operating: "everything is ok" vs. "go-go-go!".  The go-go-go is the sympathetic nervous system rev'd up to protect you,  which means there is no way to get in there and melt your muscles.

An ongoing relationship with a massage therapist makes a big difference. First, your body knows what to expect from the massage  which helps your natural guard to relax. Second, when you work with a massage therapist over time they learn how your muscles respond and they are able to skip typical warm ups and shake outs and get to the real work quicker.

When you experience touch by someone you trust, your happy hormone levels spike and your muscles give you a break.

Massage modalities.

Offering Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Muscular Therapy, Trigger Point Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Prenatal Massage & Breath Work.

Small Business Pride.

We are a small local business located on Mass Ave in Arlington. We are in the center of town. Come make friends.

Pricing options.

Finding a sophisticated massage therapist has never been so easy with our Memberships and our Four Pack for Fit.

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