How membership works.

Choose one of our amazing memberships & we'll book monthly treatments for you at a ridiculously affordable price. Plus, you'll build a relationship with an incredible provider.

Join with Membership

Choose your membership.

Choose a length of time for your monthly treatments. 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes or more. 

Your membership will apply to massage and acupuncture appointments. 


Receive work once or twice a month.

Choose between once a month memberships or twice a month memberships. 


Consider a Master Therapist Level Membership

Our master therapists are the practitioners that have a full practice and regularly continue with continuing education.

Learn more about Master Therapists.

Choose a standing appointment or stay flexible.

Having something on the calendar is the path of least resistance. A pro-tip to success.

Our standing appointment Morning Spot Memberships offer the most discount. 


No long term commitments

You can cancel your membership any time after two months with a simple email.

Memberships are ongoing until cancelled- and require a simple cancellation email.*


Discounts & Promotions

Members always receive 5% off retail in our store and 10% off gift certificates. Plus we have regular specials for members only including a holiday sale.

Spiritual Journey

Join us with some good vibes. We see the light in you.

Share with friends & family.

Members can gift treatments to friends & family and offer $10 off to a friend new to Water House.

*when making changes to your account, please email 72 hours before your next charge so that we have time to make appropriate changes to your account. Our policy is to not refund a membership charge that has posted.

We do not have roll-overs so please honor our therapists and come in during the month to use your member credit.

In the event that you request a rollover we may make an exception and charge you a $10 fee for 60 minutes, $14 fee fore 75 minutes and $20 fee for 90 minute credit fee to research your account and add the credit. We reserve the right to not rollover credits and request that you gift the session to a friend in this instance. The membership is designed to create monthly therapeutic relationships for our staff.  

Sounds like a great plan, right? To sign up by phone: 1.339.707.0476 or

Book online Sign up for Membership & Book Later

Membership is our commitment to you. Fair Trade Massage is our commitment to our staff.  Fair Trade Massage

*When you commit to membership, you are helping change the culture of massage therapy.

Memberships provide a discount for every treatment.

Our practitioners have these amenities:

  • Access to Sunlight, flexible breaks and "no questions asked" time off.
  • The ability to wear what you want and listen to what you want, even if that means silence.
  • Access to great hourly earnings! One of the best in the Industry.
  •  The ability to understand the split between practitioner earnings, overhead and other costs.
  • Access to retention rate bonuses, and increased earnings as the practitioner drives their own sustainability.
  • Access to operating profit with a management role.
  • The freedom to not sit in an office when no client is scheduled.
  • The ability to communicate with clients by phone, text or email.
  • Flexible, practitioner driven mentorship
  • Limited exposure to safe- as- possible cleaning products,
  • Access to organic oils and gels and an artificial fragrance free environment.

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